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Costa Brava

Costa Brava

La Castañada is approaching, one of the most popular festivals in Catalonia. Take your suitcases and spend an unforgettable bridge of Todos los Santos on the Costa Brava.
Do you have a gourmet palate? Are you passionate about local gastronomy? Go preparing that we are going on a gastronomic route along the Costa Brava!
Perhaps you think you know the Costa Brava, but with our active tourism proposals you are sure to discover a Costa Brava that until now you did not know!
Are you looking for an amazing family vacation on the Costa Brava? We reveal the list of the best beaches to go with children this summer. Sun, water and lots of fun!
From July 23rd to August 21th, the Cap Roig Festival returns! Stay in the most charming hotels on the Costa Brava and don't miss the most anticipated musical event of the year.
Although there are many destinations and spaces to discover on the Costa Brava, we can think of three to experience the most special San Juan bridge. Do you want to know them?
Looking for a fun-filled family getaway? We propose 4 excursions with children to explore the Costa Brava and live an infinity of adventures surrounded by sea and nature.
El conocido actor catalán Bruno Oro se une al proyecto de Costa Brava Verd Hotels, Petits Grans Hotels y Blau Verd Hotels con el único objetivo de fomentar la hostelería y el turismo local en la época «post» Covid.
Art, color and a thousand smells, the most anticipated event in Girona returns from May 8th to 16th. This year for Temps de Flors, stay at the most charming hotels on Costa Brava!
Easter is just around the corner and we have the perfect plan for you. A relaxing getaway in the best spa hotels on the Costa Brava. Are you going to let them tell you?
Is a special date coming up or do you want to surprise your partner? Get away for a weekend and live an unforgettable romantic getaway in the most romantic hotels on the Costa Brava.
Delve into the world of wine by walking the Empordà Wine Trail with us. A unique route from the mountains to the sea, full of culture, gastronomy and the best wine!
A different activity to share with family, friends or partner? Activate your most foodie senses and enjoy organic farming and local products.
Put on your shoes, grab your camera and let's go! Unknown coves, spectacular views of the sea and almost unexplored sections. Three hiking routes along the Costa Brava that will surprise you.
Pamper yourself with the best wellness experiences on the Costa Brava! Therapeutic forests, relaxing spas, massages, meditation, yoga in front of the sea ... Are you going to miss it?
Pedal through the most beautiful medieval towns in Catalonia, bathe in small coves with crystal clear waters and marvel at the beauty of the landscape. Shall we start the adventure?
Do you only know the beautiful coves and beaches of the Costa Brava? Error. Put on some good sneakers and come and stroll through the most charming medieval and fishing villages. Discover them all!
Do you fancy a summer full of adventure and excitement? We suggest some hotels on the Costa Brava that are perfect for doing water activities and cooling off.
Discover some of the secret coves found on the Costa Brava. In today's article we suggest some hotels that are near these coves.
Do you want to enjoy your vacation with your pet? In today's article we propose charming hotels in Catalonia that allow you to bring your best friend with you.
The Costa Brava is the ideal destination for a family vacation. The beach and the swimming pool are the tourist attractions that children look forward to in summer.
It's 9 in the morning and the alarm on my cell phone wakes me up. I half open my eyes and confirm that it is also sunny today. Not only am I on the Costa Brava, but I am also in one of the most select places in the country: the Golden Triangle of the Costa Brava!
The smell of pine trees and salt water, the green of the trees mixed with the blue of the sea in the background ... On the Costa Brava, the best walks are by the sea, on its Caminos de Ronda.
There is a route in Catalonia that is worth traveling at least once in your life: the one that follows in the footsteps of Salvador Dalí. Do you want to get to know the great genius of surrealism up close? Join me on the Dalinian Triangle route.
I have been to Sardinia, Sicily, Australia, Mallorca, Menorca and also in Croatia. And I have it very clear: as in the Costa Brava, nowhere! There are beaches for all tastes, but here are the ones that are, for me, the best.
Medieval villages, postcard beaches and charming corners to fall in love with the Costa Brava… even more! My recommendation: if you can, visit these places outside of high season. May, June and September are ideal months to discover them.
For families with children who are thinking about a getaway on the Costa Brava, we've chosen the best hotels for you to visit with children. They are hotels which are either on or very close to the beach, located in the best family destinations.
The Costa Brava lives not only on good beaches! Music festivals, scenic trails, beautiful gardens, charming villages and of course good wine also abound. Here are ten proposals for things to do on the Costa Brava.
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